There are many reasons to invest in pet wellness exams. After all, your cat or dog depends upon you to keep them healthy. From diet and exercise to monitoring any abnormalities, taking care of your pet is vital to their health, happiness, and well-being.

Bluebonnet Animal Hospital is a veterinary hospital with two locations in Austin. Our vets offer the best veterinary care, from spays and neuters to annual wellness exams and emergency vet services. Below, we’ll go over just a few of the many reasons to invest in annual pet wellness exams. Call our Riverside or Lamar office to get started today!


Detect Any Health Problems Early

It can be hard to know if your pet is not feeling well. After all, they can’t exactly tell you that their stomach hurts. You may see a few signs, but like humans, pets have their up days and down days as well. When you invest in regular annual pet wellness exams, your veterinarian will check all of your pet’s vitals, as well as assess their overall well-being. Veterinarians are trained in what to look for, and they may spot something you’ve missed. Call Bluebonnet Animal Hospital for a vet appointment today!

Answer All of Your Questions

Pet owners often have a lot of questions with regards to their pets, especially if they are new pet owners. You may not know what is normal behavior, so you may be concerned about an issue you are noticing with your pet. Veterinarians have spent years studying and years practicing veterinarian care. They have most likely seen it all, from a broken leg to a dog with anxiety. When you schedule your annual pet wellness exam with Bluebonnet Animal Hospital, we’ll take the time to answer all of your questions, as well as review basic dog or cat behaviors. Call today to schedule!

Ensure Your Pet’s Wellness & Development

Having annual pet wellness exams helps to ensure your pet is healthy and happy. If you have a puppy or a kitten, they are essential so that your veterinarian can assess that your puppy or kitty is growing accordingly and is showing all the signs of becoming well adjusted to their new home. Such critical care items such as diet and exercise can be evaluated as well. Trust your pet to the best vet clinic in Austin. Call us today!


Bluebonnet Animal Hospital is a Top Rated Local® veterinarian. We specialize in taking care of dogs and cats, from their annual wellness exam to when they are sick. Our vets are passionate about ensuring your dog or cat live the best life possible. We understand how you feel when your pet needs to see an emergency vet, or when you are just concerned your pet is not feeling well. Our team strives to make your pet well and ensure they stay that way. Call our vet clinic to schedule your next pet annual exam today!